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Empowering individuals to become institutions



The Creator economy is just beginning, the only question is where do we go from here? Regardless of affiliation, we are all on the same team. United in recognition that we stand on the precipice of a much larger movement. A democratization of opportunity and expression unprecedented since the advent of the internet. A world in which each individual possesses powers previously only afforded by a select few. And though we do not know what the future holds, we know that we go further together. In short, all boats rise.

Creator Rising was established to unite the stakeholders of the Creator economy in building a brighter future. We do this in a couple ways. The first is through our Collective, a curated community that connects pioneers in the space - including founders, Creators, operators, platforms, managers, and investors - in hopes of facilitating collaboration. The second is by investing in founders with the capacity and vision to transform what it means to be a creator.

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