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The Collective is intended to be a connective tissue of sorts, facilitating collaborations between pioneers in the space and providing mentorship to the next wave of Creator economy entrepreneurs. As with the rest of Creator Rising, this is very much a work in progress with new members and functionality added regularly.

Creator Economy Operations

Additional Experience
Alex Zaccaria
Founder & CEO of Linktree
Bolster Creative, Director
Austin Smith
Founder of Racket GP at Coughdrop Capital, President and GM
Ben Grubbs
Co-Founder at Creator+ | Founder & CEO at Next 10 Ventures
Youtube, Head of Top Creator Partnerships
Derek Yang
Product Lead @ YouTube
PM @ Twitch | Partnerships @ FB
Dmitry Shapiro
Co-Founder & CEO at Koji
Myspace, CTO | Google, Group Project Manager
Hannah Donovan
Director of Product at VSCO
Vine, General Manager | Trash, Co-Founder & CEO
Joseph Albanese
Co-Founder & CEO at Stir
Facebook, Product Designer | YikYak, Product Design Lead
Josh Kaplan
CEO at Smooth Operations
Morning Brew, Strategy Lead
Karthik Puvvada
Program Director at OnDeck
Host of Build in Public Podcast
Kevin Ramsey
Co-Founder & CEO of Warren James
Roblox, Snr Manager of BD | Jazwares, Product Manager
Laura Medina
Partner at Cooley Law
Specializes in emerging companies, VC, and acquistions
Lauren Schnipper
VP of Creator Business Development at Jellysmack
Facebook, Creator Partnerships Lead
Lennie Zhu
Founder & CEO at Lennie
WeWork, Product Lead | American Express, Sr. Product
Melody Chu
Product, Creator Marketplace at TikTok
Roblox, Product Monetization | Facebook, Product Ads
Paul Condolora
COO ProGuides
Head of Franchise Dev - Harry Potter
Peter Leeb
President at Invisible Narratives
Studio 71, Head of Sales | 21st Century Fox, VP Global Brand Marketing
Peter Yang
Snr PM, Creators at Reddit
Twitch, Snr PM | Twitter, PM
Rachael King
Founder & CEO at PodPeople
RomComPods, Co-Creator | Ellephant PR, Co-Founder
Stu Smith
Co-Founder & COO at Racket | GP at Coughdrop Capital
Fullscreen - SVP of Talent | Omaze, SVP of BD & Partnerships
Tom Impallomeni
Co-founder & CEO at Tribe XR
Superawesome, Co-Founder and COO

Creators and Creator Relations

Additional Experience
Adam Davidson
Literally wrote the book on the Passion Economy, Writer at New Yorker
NPR, Creator of Planet Money | Gimlet Media
Adam Wescott
Head of Content Studio at Creator+
Select Management Group, Co-founder and Partner
Alex Valley
Founder & CEO, Unity Wellness | Influencer
On Instagram @alexvalley
Andrew Graham
Digital Talent Agent at CAA
Heardwell, Co-Founder
Bari Weiss
Common Sense w. Bari Weiss on Substack
NYTimes, Op-Ed Writer | WSJ, Op-Ed
Eyal Baumel
Founder & CEO at Yoola
Bites TV, Founder and CEO
Heavenly Rayna
Musician on Twitch @heavenlyreyna
Hugo Amsellem
VP of Creator Accelerator at Jellysmack
Founder, Atitlan | Director, The Family
Jack Usher
Funny stuff on TikTok @Jack_usher
Generally being funny
Jake Roper
Co-Creator of Vsauce | COO of Curiosity Box
Google, Content Strategist
Josh Zimmerman
Founder & CEO at Creator Coach
JZ Management, Founder and Manager
Joshua Cohen
Co-Founder & COO at Tubefilter | Creator & EP of Streamy Awards
Tiltzy.TV, Founder | A&E Network, Producer
Kevin Herrera
Founder at TheMachine
Digital Agent at Gersh
Lydia Keating
Funny stuff @lydialoo121 on TT
Standup | WME
Michael Bosstick
Co-Founder & CEO at Dear Media | Co-host @tscpodcast
Founding Partner at WOO More Play | On Instagram @MichaelBosstick
Nate Ruff
Founder and Manager at Odd Projects
WME, Digital Talent/Business Development
Rohan Kumar
Content Strategist for top Creators
MSCHF, Influencer Marketing | TTYL, Growth

Creator Economy Investors 

Adam Schoff
ACT Media Ventures
Zoo Sky Media
Alexandra Levitt
Snap Inc. - Yellow
WME, Digital Agent
Ben Futoriansky
Cobalt Capital
Ben Matthews
GP at Night Ventures | Night Media Venture Studio
Bessemer, VP | Google, Product
Brian Harwitt
Partner at Coventure
Guggenheim Partners, Investment Banking
Caroline Jacobs
UTA Ventures
Next 10 Ventures | BAM Ventures
Drake Rehfeld
Day One Ventures
NTWRK, Director of Product | Team 10, Head of Product
Faye Maidment
Co-Founder at High Tea
Unshackled Ventures | Facemoji, CMO
Jawhara Tariq
Moonshots Capital
Li Jin
Atelier Ventures
Creator | A16Z
Lindsey Li
Bessemer Venture Partners
Goldman Sachs, Investment Banking
Nisha Rangarajan
Insight Capital
F-Prime Capital
Ollie Forsyth
Host at The Makers Podcast
Sam Frankel
Cobalt Capital
Board observer at Mobcrush
Tali Vogelstein
Avid Ventures
Bessemer Venture Partners, Investor
Yuanling Yuan
Blackstone Group
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